Thursday, April 30, 2009


I had just come home from an awful day of school. When I went inside I noticed an opportunity. On the table was a bag of diapers. I grabbed one and ran upstairs. My parents were not home and my brother was asleep. I put it on under my skirt but over my panties so they would get wet anyway. I had to pee and poop. I began to pee and the feeling was incredible. It felt so good I nearly had an orgasm. Just then my boyfriend showed up and had no clue what I was doing. He thought it was weird but laughed. Then he went home and my diaper experience ended with a poop.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Urinal 2!!!

We were in class during a boring lesson when my friend said she didn't feel good. My teacher said to take someone with you so she took me. I was glad because I had to pee anyway. When I got into the hall my friend stopped and said she had to pee really bad. I looked down and saw a small wet spot. She said that the girls bathroom was closed. I told her to follow me. We went to the boys bathroom but the stalls were still out of order. I told hr to watch me. I showed her the steps then peed in the urinal. Then I told her to try. She stepped up and did my steps. Then she began peeing until I saw the stream slowly move downward towards her pants. Then she peed all over herself. I ran out laughing.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hold It!!!

This happened 2 days ago.
I was finally doing it. I was gonna go 2 days without peeing. The first day all I did was drink lots of water to make it more challenging. By the end of the day I had to pee.The 2nd day gets more interesting. I had woken up and was already about to burst. Today was Monday. I went to school in my favorite skirt. My first class was gym. Doing jumping-jacks with a stuffed bladder is challenging. Every 5 jumping-jacks I had to stop or I would easily pee my skirt. Everybody thought I was really tired though. When we had to stretch I knew I might not be able to do it. Sitting in those awkward positions made me almost lose it. Finally gym was almost over until... Our coach made us jog around the school. Every step brought me closer to the tipping point. In second period we had are monday boring science. We had to listen to my teacher talk about cells and I could care less. Sitting doing nothing is horrible for a full bladder. When it was over I began to need to poop. We were just going to lunch when I felt the poop start to enter my panties. I knew it was inevitable so I pooped my skirt. I had to make the poop go to the middle of my panties so ther wouldn't be a bulge. Finally when the day was over I went out into the hallway and began to walk home. On the way home one of my friends asked what was wrong. I told her I need to pee. At that moment she started tickling me. I could care less I just spread my legs apart and only got wet panties. She always asks me how I pee standing up but I never tell her.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Urinal

This happened before I knew how to pee standing up.
I had just gotten out of lunch and was about to burst because I had to pee so badly. I hadn't gone to the bathroom this morning and just had lunch. We had science next and we were taking a science test. This was a long test. In the middle I could feel pee trickling into my panties very slowly. My panties were very wet but miraculously my jeans weren't. I had let out so much pee and I still had to go. I was almost done with the test. Just a few more questions and I'd be done. I finally finished and ran to the bathroom. When I got there the custodian was there so I went into the boys bathroom. I couldn't believe it the stalls were out of order. A ll that was left was the URINAL! I had to at least try. I did what most boys do. I stepped up unzipped my jeans but not unbutton. I moved my panties to the side. Since I had no method on how to pee standing up I made up a quick dangerous one. You let some pee drip out then stop. You let it all build up. Then release and pee as hard as you can. The pressure should make it force through your jeans. However I did not move my vagina i-far enough and when I released all the pee My panties moved back into place. I tried to stop but couldn't. I ran home soaked.


This happened a month ago.
I had just gotten home. My dad was making another one of his disgusting meals for dinner. I had to eat it or he would ground me. I had already eaten a huge meal at school. I didn't eat much at dinner but mainly drank a lot. When I got ustairs to go to bed I was to tired to go to the bathroom. I just put on as many pairs of panties I could find in case I wet the bed. I figured that 10 would be enough. I went to sleep dreaming about the carnival when I had to pee really bad. In the dream we were on a ferris wheel. We got to the top and had an ubrupt stop. Doing this made me pee alittle in the dream. In real life though I peed for several seconds leaving a wet spot through all the panties. In the dream I did what I did at the carnival. How I peed and only my panties got wet. When I did this I suddenly woke up in the middle of peeing. I had already peed a little so I just went ahead and finished peeing. I peed for 2 minutes soaking all my panties. When I was done I pooped myself and went back to sleep.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to pee standing UP ( jeans )

Standing up and peeing in jeans is harder than peeing in a skirt so remember the steps. 1 Find a place away from people. 2 When you find the place move your panties to the side. 3 Unzip jeans but dont unbutton them or you will have a bad day. 4 Pull your vagina out as far as possible and hold it in place. 5 Begin peeing. If you have done these steps correctly you have mastered it. If you can get better you may even be able to pee in a urinal. 6 When done peeing put vagina back in place, zip up pants and continue with day.

How to pee standing UP ( skirt )

Here is how to pee standing up in a skirt. Go somewhere nobody will see you. Do this outside. Spread your legs apart. You can move your panties to the side but I dont. I think it feels better getting my panties wet. Once you've done these steps you can begin peeing. If you've done them correctly the pee will be absorbed by your panties and the rest will drip between your legs.


I am in 9th grade and here is a recent story.
I was running late to class. Today we were taking a big math test and I didn't want to be late. Our homework before each math test is to eat a big breakfast. I was moving so fast that I didn't go to the bathroom. When I got to school I felt the urge to poop. I didn't have enough time to go to the bathroom so I ran to class. I got to class just in time. When we started testing I felt the urge to pee. During the test I felt pee start dripping into my panties. I was embarrased even though I was only a little wet. After another few minutes another spurt of pee rushed into my panties. You could see a small wet spot on my jeans. When the test was finally over I was bouncing up and down in my seat while holding my crotch. I begged my teacher to let me go to the bathroom but he told me to wait until everyone was done testing. Again I felt another spurt of pee making the small wet spot grow larger. I could maybe hold it 2 more minutes. I jumped out of my seat and asked him once more. Someone obviously saw the wet spot on my jeans and started laughing. I started crying and all the pee rushed out. Then everyone was laughing. I couldn't stop crying. Then I pooped. There was a huge bulge. All the kids kept laughing and I ran out of the classroom to the bathroom.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The carnival

This happened a year ago. I got really lucky.
I was so depressed. My parents were making me take my little brother to the carnival. Also it was friday! I should be with my friends! I had to eat and drink a whole lot before I went though. I will not eat carnival food ( I found mold on my food once ). When we got there I noticed one critical thing. NO BATHROOMS!!! I already was sensing the urge to pee and my mom said she'd be back to pick us up in 3 hours. After one hour of boring rides I was about to explode. Peeing myself here would be disastrous because I was wearing a white skirt. It would easily show up. After another torturous hour I also had to poop. I knew that peeing myself would be worse than pooping myself. I had to pick which one I would do or both would be released. Once the three hours of waiting were over there was still no mom. I looked at my cell phone for the time and I realised it was 5:00. Time for traffic. I called my mom and told her about the situation I was in. She told me to pee because it would be easier. She also said to hide somewhere and spread my legs apart. She said that my panties would absorb most of it and the rest would go between my legs. I hid behind a kiosk and spread my legs apart. Then I let go. Sure enough it worked and I went away with only wet panties.

The cruise

This happened 2 years ago. We were going on a cruise in the gulf of mexico. I was so excited. Everything about the cruise was marvelous and especially the refreshments. I have never had any drink that good but on the 3rd day disaster struck. I had a little too much to drink and it started raining. The storm got very strong and the only way to our cabin ( and bathroom ) was through the rain. The urge to pee rapidly increased followed by a strong urge to poop. I had a choice either go outside in the rain or stay here until it ends and risk peeing or pooping myself. I had to try. I ran outside towards the other side of the deck ( which was covered ). Somehow I made it without getting very wet. One problem emerged. Being wet made it harder to concentrate on holding it in. I felt a spurt of pee. Just enough for you to see a small wet spot on my jeans. Lucky for me the rain made me slightly wet so it wasn't easy to see that I peed a little. Either way letting that small amount of pee out had started the flood and it couldn't be stopped. Another spurt of pee went into my panties making the small wet spot pretty obvious. Then after the entire fiasco I lost it and all the pee gushed out of me right into my jeans. I was so embarrased that I lost all control and pooped as well. Now there was a huge bulge. Just then the rain stopped and I dashed off to my cabin.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Break

I was so excited! We were taking a road trip to California. When we were on a seemingly endless highway I felt the urge to pee. I asked my mom where the next stop was and she said Nevada. I asked her how long until we get to Nevada. She told me 3 hours. I knew I couldn't hold it that long. I could sustain another hour of torture but that is all. After 45 minutes I was close to peeing. I knew that the slightest bump would be it. I begged my mom to pull over. She said we couldn't or we would be late. I couldn't believe this! I was going to soak my new panties and skirt and my mom didn't care. After another ten minutes my dad suggested i pee in a bottle. I knew how to pee standing up but peeing in a bottle was just a new challenge so i did. I went to the back of the car away from my little brother and got ready. I moved my panties to the side put the bottle up to my vagina and let go. Unfortunately the bottle filled up before i was done so i tossed out the bottle and sat back down with half a bladder full of pee. After another hour we got stuck in traffic. We sat there another hour and knew we were going to take even longer to get there. I just gave up. I couldn't hold it any longer so I just peed soaking my skirt and panties.